Why Better Boating?

Learn why we're the better choice!

Boating Experts

With many years of experience in boating, especially in small boats, we have the skills and experience to support you in your journey to boating fun & excitement.

Premium Service

We will only look after a select number of clients at one time. We believe it's more important to ensure we provide the best service for our clients, than to try and please everyone at the same time.

Stellar Support

Whether it's in person, on the phone, or online, we will be there to give you the support you need. There are multiple ways of getting in touch and getting the resolution you need.

Meet our team

Better Boating has a team of experts to make your boating stress-free

Adam Smith


With almost 40 years of boating experience (including being a Master Trainer for 12 years), Adam has a masterful understanding of new boaters in the small-boat segment!

Steve Ellis


A passion for fishing and definitely more than 40 years of boating experience, Steve is satisfied when our clients meet their training goals - and have fun along the way!

Justin Robinson

Tech and admin

He updates and manages the website content, marketing campaigns, and integrations with our social media presence. If it has a chip in it, Justin's your man!

John Naughton


John's taught more people to boat than you could count. With a ton of real-world boating experience, and an encyclopaedic knowledge, he's guaranteed to teach you something new!

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